Fan Fiction

Criminal Minds

Diventare Chapter 1
Diventare Chapter 2
Diventare Chapter 3
Diventare Chapter 4
Diventare Chapter 5
Diventare Chapter 6
Rated: Teen
Emily is ill, Dave has to deal with the consequences

Dressed for Dinner
Rated: Teen
Prentiss and Rossi are set to enjoy an evening alone together; but things seldom work according to plan.

The Boundaries of Objectivity
Rated: Teen for language
Spoilers for episode 4×3, Minimal Loss; takes place between the last two scenes

The Meanings of Roses
Rated: NC17/FRAO
Slight spoiler for Demonology, 4X17

You Bet
Rated: NC17/FRAO
Please read responsibly


13 Beers
Post Leaving Las Vegas Rated: Teen
Brass and Sara discuss Grissoms sabbatical over 13 beers. BrassSara friendship, GSR angst. Slightly spoilerish for 7×14

A Second Career
Rated: Teen What happens when Grissom retires? This is a fluffy birthday ficlet for Jen Bachand who wanted to see Grissom adjusting to retirement.

Supposition post Living Doll, Rated M?

Beautiful Goodbye
Supposition post For Gedda, Rated T, CHARACTER DEATH

Before I Sleep
Continuation of Alicat713′s And Miles to Go, part of Cincoflex’s H5N1 Universe Rated M

When Grissom and Sara’s relationship is revealed, who gets the blame? GSR My first FanFic and it’s fluffy, fluffy, fluffy. Rated: T

Con Brio
Rated T “The notes rose, one sliding on top of the other and Gil closed his eyes, letting the music surround him, lift him, and carry him back through time.” Grissom/Sara implied. A birthday fic IOU for Printdust

Um…fluff? Complete and utter fluff about Sara leaving. Response to a prompt from Printdust. Rated: T

NC-17 Please read responsibly. Songfic.

NC-17 Please read responsibly

Dirty Laundry
NC-17 Please read responsibly

Equal and Opposite
Post The Good, the Bad and the Dominatrix. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Rated: T

In This Moment
NC-17 Please read responsibly

In The Best of Taste
Drabble. Rated M

It Looks Good on You
Post-post One to Go GSR

Just Judy
Archie, Judy and an accident. Rated: M

Labor of Love
Grissom and Sara attend a class together. HAPPY BIRTHDAY KRISTEN ELIZABETH! Rated: T

Madrigal-Chapter 1
Madrigal-Chapter 2
Madrigal-Chapter 3
Madrigal-Chapter 4
Madrigal-Chapter 5
Madrigal-Chapter 6
Madrigal-Chapter 7
Madrigal-Chapter 8
Madrigal-Chapter 9
Madrigal-Chapter 10
Madrigal-Chapter 11
Madrigal-Chapter 12
Madrigal-Chapter 13
Madrigal-Chapter 14

Post No Way Out. It’s about Ray.

My Pleasure
NC-17 Please read responsibly

One More Chance-Chapter 1
One More Chance-Chapter 2
One More Chance-Chapter 3
One More Chance-Chapter 4
One More Chance-Chapter 5
One More Chance-Chapter 6

Angst. Post Goodbye and Good Luck Rated: T

Perfect Awareness
An incident results in contemplation and decisions. GSR Rated: T

Post 8X01, a sequel of sorts to my post 7×23 story, Equal and Opposite. Rated: T

NC-17 Please read responsibly

Shower Scene
NC-17 Please read responsibly

Shrodinger’s Sara
Why Sara finally let go. Angst but I remain hopeful. Written for Alicat713 Rated: T

Suspicious Mind
Sara’s hiding something and Grissom is suspicious. Written for Jen bachand’s February 12 birthday. Angst followed by cheese. Rated: T

Ten Times As Sweet
Co-written with Kristen Elizabeth for Elialys Birthday. Happy Birthday, Ambre! Warning: Authors are not responsible for tooth decay resulting from reading this fluffy fic. Please read responsibly and brush teeth before, during and after. Rated: T

The Best Friend
“Even the hard things aren’t so hard when you remember the wonderful things and know you’re loved.” A look back at a full life. GSR implied. WARNING: Character Death. Rated: T

The Life You Save
Post Empty Eyes, Sara can’t sleep. This is a birthday fic for Printdust. Happy Birthday, Robyn. Rated: T

The Lipstick Trick or Treat
NC-17 Please read responsibly

The Paddle
Angst, Angst, Angst Rated: M

The Shift Ended in Champagne
Grissom’s last night as a CSI ends in an unexpected way. Ahead there be cheese and fluff. Cheesefluff! No real spoilers, but let’s say anything through 8X02 to be safe. Rated: T

The Winding Path
Brass plans a vacation. BrassOC, GrissomSara, BrassSara friendship Written for the Brasslove Summer ’07 Ficathon

Thousands of Words
NC-17 Please read responsibly

To Be Continued
Grissom and Sara attempt to resume marital relations after the birth of their child but then they get stuck in a pile of fluff. Rated T

What If
Rated T Brass/Catherine

What to Wear
NC-17 Please read responsibly

What We’re Like
NC-17 Please read responsibly

Within Reach
Grissom and Sara have a fruitful discussion. Originally posted as part of the Last Fanfic Author Standing challenge at Live Journal. Let’s call this post-post-post 8X11 or we could just call it the least of my wishful thinking. Rated: T


Searching for Memories
Post Serenity Rated: Teen
Zoe searches for things to hold on to.

Serenity Talks
Post Serenity Rated: Teen
River listens to Serenity.